K.FLAY has just come out with her first full length record Life As A Dog and you gotta get on this! She started recording tracks in her basement and got signed to a major label. For two years she wrote and recored over 60 tracks, yes 60! BUT her label never release an album. They couldn’t figure out what box to fit K.FLAY in, and how they were going to package her to sell to the mass market.


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Bent Knee

Bent Knee is a 6 piece art-rock band from Boston, MA. In 2001 they’ve released their debut self-titled album and since then the band has been touring extensively in the US.

Bent Knee’s music is a brilliant collage of moods and personalities. At time bizarre, at times touching and soulful but never boring, their sound is unique and memorizing.  There is something very intriguing about this band,…

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Cavan Moran

Cavan Moran is the modern day Bob Dylan. His voice and storytelling reminds me of King Krule and Johnny Cash.

So I get back to New York and there’s this English musician on twitter, Cavan Moran, being quite persistent that we listen to his music. I open up the first track on his soundcloud account and what do I see…A track titled

Into the Wild. Damn, I think to myself what a coincidence… let me…

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Trust me when I tell you that MINOT is an exceptionally good band.

If you are a fan post-rock and post-metal, and all things heavy, MINOT just might become your new favorite band.

There is some proper shredding and lots of intensity going on in their music. MINOT’s sound is heavy but it doesn’t lack melodies and strong organic energy.


Based in Oakland, CA, Matthew Solberg (guitars/samples), B…

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Finally an emergence of sounds I’ve desperately been waiting to hear more of. Electronic and Classical. Yes! It makes perfect sense to me. From NY, by way of Connecticut sisters Anna and Catherine Wolk are VERDIGRLS. They released their debut EP Heartbreak Hour a couple of months ago, and I am deeply sorry I was late to the party. How Rude!

The Wolk sisters are classically trained in violin and…

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