Nadia Ackerman

Nadia Ackerman’s “Fancy Pop” album release show is just around the corner. Monday, 4.28.14 at Subculture here in New York City.

Nadia was born in Australia and still maintains a thick accent, but she’s very much a New Yorker. If your a female singer in the city it’s likely you know, or have heard of Nadia. She’s very supportive of other musicians and at times she can be heard as a back-up singer…

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Inky Jack

Wednesday – Bowery Electric – 4.30.14

The first time I met these fellas was back in 2013 at the CMJ Festival here in New York. I was waiting by the elevator on the first floor of The Standard Hotel ready to hustle them upstairs to the Penthouse. Ooh La La! They did a semi-acoustic session for Amazing Radio, it was the last one of the evening and I’ll be honest, I gleamed with pride, cause they…

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De Lux

This brutal winter that we’ve had here in New York City, for what seems like forever, is finally over and I couldn’t be happier! The summer is on its way and so are outdoor parties and long nights with friends accompanied by great music.

LA based duo De Lux is a great addition to your summer soundtrack. Their debut LP Voyageis out to put you in a good mood and have you dancing for hours. The…

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“And I’ll try to live defeated, come and see the good in everything” sings the vocalist of PROTOMARTYR, Joe Casey, in a low and exhausted voice, balancing hope and hopelessness.

Moody and persuasive, “Come & See” comes from a place dark and personal. At first it confronts you with heavy riffs and vocals, but then it moves you with all the honesty it got.


PROTOMARTYR are Detroit based…

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Last year we met these guys when we booked them for Amazing Radio’s CMJ 2013 Sessions. We were all up in the swanky Penthouse of The Standard Hotel, NY. Great views, great pad. It was a semi acoustic session and unfortunately your just gonna have to take my word for it, they really sounded excellent, the audio on the board was bad due to tech issues. “Shit!” And “what kind of fuckery” were words…

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