Kylmyys // The Theory Of Nine

Kylmyys // The Theory Of Nine

Seattle, WA based Kylmyys began as an ambient electronic duo providing background music for art galleries. Over time Kylmyys’ sound evolved and they began bringing their music to the foreground by infusing their soundscapes with a pop sensibility.

Their latest album The Theory Of Nineis a fantastic effort that I find myself enjoying quite a lot, as I seem to discover something new every time I…

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Music can confront and make you feel uncomfortable. At the same time, it can give you a great sense of relief and serenity. Manchester, UK based band MONEY is certainly good at doing both.

Their debut album The Shadow Of Heaven is an emotional effort capable of touching the deepest parts of your soul, if you really listen.

The Shadow Of Heavenunfolds slowly, creating gentle atmosphere with a tiny…

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Tiny Victories

When you watch Tiny Victories they push a lot of buttons, tweak dials and hammer on foot pedals. No live guitars here, but plenty of drums, synths, samples and most importantly Feeeelings.

According to their Twitter profile Tiny Victories are from Gnarlyville. I just happen to know where that is, Brooklyn, baby! We are embarrassed to admit, but we hadn’t heard of them until that happy summer…

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Total Abuse

Total Abuse are a noisy bunch, so if you don’t like noise you should probably stop reading now but if you like me, LOVE NOISE MUSIC, keep reading.

Total Abuse are a 5 -piece punk outfit from Austin, TX. They’ve been loud and angry since the year they were formed and that’s 2006. It does not look like they are going to change anytime soon. GOOD!

They are one of those bands, you would probably…

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Mammals // “Circles”

Mammals // “Circles”

“Circles“ is the first single from Sydney based band Mammals. With delicate beats, and heartfelt vocals, the band creates a picturesque and emotionally charged atmosphere.

Recently, the band has released a stunning video for this song. The video features Mammals’ lead singer Guy Brown running through various landscapes to reach his final destination, a cliff that he jumps off into the ocean.…

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